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How to talk to your family about changes to your hearing

How to talk to your family about changes to your hearing

Date: 6th October 2020 | By: admin

Over time it is likely that your hearing will change and this can affect your quality of life, along with your relationships with others. Whether this impacts your relationship positively or negatively can depend on how soon you take action to improve your hearing.

When you realise there have been some changes to your hearing and decide to take corrective action you can start on a positive path to improving your quality of life. There should be no need for you to avoid social situations or change the way you like to live life day by day.

Those around you will support you once you have recognised that there have been changes to your hearing, as it affects them as well. Over time you will have developed coping mechanisms to help you to hear better in the short term. These can be things such as turning up the television or radio and adding subtitles to TV programmes. In a social situation you may have cancelled plans so as not to appear like you have struggled to hear in challenging environments.

Most people have struggled to hear at some point it is just the extent of the struggle that needs to be managed through excellent, professional, highly qualified hearing care and sound advice.

When you want to let those around you know that you sometimes struggle to hear there are a few things that you can do to make things easier for everyone.

Think about where you sit

When in a noisy environment it is important to try and sit with a wall behind you or in the corner of a room to deflect some of the background noise. We usually look at the sound source we are trying to hear, so try and sit with who or what you want to hear directly in front of you.

Speak to others

Do not be embarrassed about struggling to hear, everyone has experienced it and no one will be bothered by it. By telling others that you struggle to hear they will adapt their posture positioning and voice to make sure that they are heard.

Be proud of your hearing

Just because there have been changes to your hearing does not mean that your life has to change. With professional advice and high-quality, qualified hearing care you can still have excellent hearing and live your life as you choose to with great relationships with those close you.

If you have residual hearing you should be proud that there are options out there for you to choose from. Les, our hearing care professional at Swindon Hearing Specialists, will advise you on all of the options available to you and how to make the most out of everyday life.

Changes to your hearing don’t have to be negative

Being embarrassed about changes to your hearing doesn’t create a solution but being positive and taking action does.

Your family and friends will support you in taking action to improve your quality of life, as we all know how important those special moments every day can be. You want to make the most of every situation whether it be a trip to the theatre, hearing the person next to you at golf or communicating with the lady in the hair salon.

Challenging environments are exactly that - they are challenging for everyone whether you have excellent hearing or have experienced changes to your hearing recently.


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