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Could hearing aids change your life for the better?

Could hearing aids change your life for the better?

Date: 26th October 2020 | By: Les Cavilla

Before making the decision to invest in some of the world's latest digital hearing technology, many people find that they have put off doing something about their hearing. It is common that over the years people develop coping mechanisms so that they do not have to get any form of hearing help.

As the most professional hearing specialists in Swindon, it is no shock to us that because of historical stigma, sometimes hearing aids themselves are not a desirable purchase. Actually, with our clients who have worn hearing aids for years, the latest technology is very exciting and completely life changing. Once people have made the decision to do something positive about their hearing journey and maximise their lifestyle everything changes.

Important moments, occasions, events and outings are completely revived and renewed due to the fact that you can become part of the conversation again. Coping mechanisms such as turning up the television or radio and asking people to repeat themselves tend to allow the person with hearing difficulties to trick themselves into thinking that they do not need any assistance.

When you realise that you are struggling to hear in certain situations, it can be very tiring and almost exhausting for some people to try and manage this and still remain active and sociable. All of this of course depends on the extent of your hearing difficulties which is why professionals like us offer hearing assessments.

This is nothing scary or invasive, it’s an extensive test that is easy for you do with us and will show you the parts of conversation you can hear easily and the parts that you cannot. Once we have this information, we can set you on your new hearing journey so that your lifestyle is maximised and you don’t have to be as tired any more!


Here are five things that hearing aids can do for you and how they can change your life for the better.

They make you less tired

Hearing aids allow your brain to not have to work as hard to try and hear. When you initially have hearing aids you can experience some headaches or fatigue just as your brain learns to hear again. This soon passes with practice and when your brain gets used to some good signals coming into your ears again your world can change and become a more relaxing place to be in.


They allow others to feel comfortable interacting with you

This is because you can hear better! When people know you have hearing aids, they are likely to want to spend more time with you as it is easier for them to interact, they are not having to repeat themselves as much or always face you when they speak. Of course, hearing aids do not replace our natural ears but there are plenty of features we can use to make every day activities a pleasure for both the wearer and the person they are interacting with.


They save relationships!

Most hearing professionals will have engaged in some form of marital dispute when one person thinks they don’t have a hearing loss and the other person thinks that they do. It can be quite distressing for a friend or loved want to see someone with hearing loss who is not seeking help and who insists on putting subtitles on the television, saying pardon or turning the volume up beyond a comfortable level all of the time. Hearing aids can allow everybody who comes into contact with you to relax saying and enjoy time in conversation with you again


They have some high specification technology that makes every day easier

Some of the technology available now is quite incredible for example there are features that help deal with wind noise, hearing children in the back seat of a car and also the television so that it does not affect everyone else in the room. It is important to explore these technology options with your hearing care professional.


They are often discreet or invisible

Lots of people around you are wearing tiny hearing aids but you will have no idea as you cannot see them! If you leave your hearing loss for too long it is likely that you may have to explore options of a larger hearing aid. The sooner you do something about your hearing it is likely that your choice of hearing aid styles will be much wider and you can opt for some of the more discreet options so that you can go about your daily life without any extra hassle. Again, it is important you discuss these with your hearing care professional as they will advise you which models and form factors are the best for your hearing test results.

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