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Why wearing hearing aids does not mean that you are deaf

Why wearing hearing aids does not mean that you are deaf

Date: 26th November 2020 | By: Les Cavilla

As technology improves and the world changes around us, we are more and more used to seeing devices on people’s ears. Gone are the days when the options for better hearing and better hearing care were limited. Incorrectly allocated and fitted hearing aids still exist, along with inadequate ‘salesy’ hearing care professionals but now, the technology inside our hearing aids is far superior to what it used to be. Hearing care professionals should be registered with The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and take pride in their clinical offering and patient care, just like us here in Swindon.


Years ago, there was very little choice about which hearing aids you had but the development in technology has been rapid and extensive. Hearing aids are no longer just amplifiers, they are far more adept at doing what they are designed to do through improved components and understanding of the human ear. Now you can access digital hearing aids, invisible hearing aids that you can wear without discomfort, hearing aids that you can recharge and feature packed hearing aids that can help you hear all around you when you are walking and in the car.


The list is becoming endless and if you wear hearing aids, your ability to hear on the phone, hear the television or the radio is much improved as well, through the complexity of the analyser within these devices.


No longer are hearing aids a sign of ageing or cognitive decline although those two things are of course synonymous with changes in the body. They are technical, important devices that when fitted by a highly qualified professional like Les, here at Swindon Hearing Specialists, can be absolutely life changing.


Similar to having your teeth checked by the dentist and seeing the optician your hearing should also be reviewed at regular intervals whether you wear hearing aids or not.


Sometimes you can be struggling to hear and start to worry about your hearing but it might just be wax so it is worth getting this checked by hearing care professional. There is lots of support out there to help you make a decision about what to do with your hearing but the sooner you take action the better your hearing will be longer term and this will be a huge part of your everyday life whilst allowing you to be less tired and remain active.


If you have any concerns about your hearing even If you suspect it may just be wax, we would love to hear from you. As a fully independent hearing care provider, we can source technology from any of the manufacturers and we are not tied to any one of them which means that at all times, you get unbiased and well-educated advice.

We would love to take your call, if you would like any advice or further information please contact Les and the team HERE