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When ‘buy cheap buy twice’ applies to your hearing

When ‘buy cheap buy twice’ applies to your hearing

Date: 16th December 2020 | By: Les Cavilla

When buying a hearing aid, it’s like any other electrical device; it needs to be fit for purpose and do everything you need it to for your lifestyle.

If you buy ‘cheap’, perhaps online as a quick fix for example, without a qualified audiologist present, you may find that you spend a lot of time being frustrated and disheartened as you have no support mechanism and starting out on your hearing journey alone can be a little daunting.

You also don’t necessarily need to destroy your budget in order to get the most out of your hearing journey.  One of our patients recently said the following after making a mistake buying online;


You just need to buy the best that you can afford whilst having it fitted and cared for by a professional, such as Les.”


If you do this AND select the appropriate professional to support you along the way, you’ll be on the right track to creating an excellent hearing future for yourself.

You want to buy a pair of hearing aids (we were born with two ears for a reason) and look after them so that they last you and serve you well.

You don’t want to make a mistake in your professional support OR technological choices and end up having to buy again so make your research and initial decisions count.


In order to get the best solution first time round, Les and the team advise that you:

  1. Choose a professional you like and trust and take the advice of that professional. Understand that they are matching your needs to the correct technology for you.


  1. Don’t rush but get a comprehensive hearing test before deciding – this has to be right for you and rushing the process will leave you frustrated, take your time getting used to your hearing aids and give your brain time to adapt.


  1. Help yourself by telling others you have hearing aids and think about your seating positions in noisy environments.


  1. Let go of preconceptions! Hearing aids these days are nothing like those in the past, there are a lot of desirable features on them that actually benefit you more than someone with good hearing! Times have changed and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye – in fact, many of them can’t even be seen so you would never know someone is wearing them!

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