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Why people only pretend that they can hear well

Why people only pretend that they can hear well

Date: 22nd January 2021 | By: Les Cavilla

We’ve all done it, sat there in a busy restaurant struggling to hear conversation over the background noise.

We have tried to piece together parts of the conversation and nod knowingly, at what we thought was the appropriate time. We do this in order to avoid any embarrassment about not being able to hear. In reality, everyone has been in this position and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We have all, at some point developed coping mechanisms to assist our hearing.

Social situations can be challenging especially when there is background noise and lots of people talking at the same time. Often, people only pretend to hear well, when in reality it is very difficult for them to engage in conversation and so they reply accordingly at potentially inappropriate times. It is important to get your hearing checked by a professional and understand more about why you might struggle to hear in background noise.

Once you understand exactly how well you can hear you can start to stay part of the conversation and improve your quality of life.

People pretend to hear well because they often associate hearing loss with older age which must mean that as soon as you stop being able to hear well your quality of life is diminishing. This is often not the case as we all get older and people’s hearing changes at different rates and different times.

There is now less stigma attached to poor hearing and hearing aids, as younger generations are very used to wearing devices on their ears and seeing hearing aids on people’s ears is now very common.  Gone are the days when all you saw were big hearing aids that didn’t work properly, now you can have the latest digital technology which is invisible so actually, millions of people are walking round with hearing aids in, you just can’t see them!

People pretend they can hear to avoid having to take action on their hearing also because they are unsure of the cost of hearing aids. If you are unsure about the cost of hearing aids and also not informed about the latest hearing technology, this can lead to a delay in taking action. The average person takes seven years to do something about their hearing and develops coping mechanisms such as turning up the television which can negatively affect other members of the household.

People also pretend that they can hear well in background noise when actually they can’t, to avoid recognition that they need to do something about their hearing. Sometimes this can happen for fear of judgement by other people when actually if you tell people you are struggling to hear, they will help you and either speak up or reduce some of the background noise i.e. turn down music or adjust their positioning next to you.

When struggling to hear in background noise, for example in a restaurant, it is important to think about where you sit if there is the opportunity for you to sit next to the person you would like to speak to or with your back to a wall to block out some of the background noise, you should choose this over sitting somewhere with the kitchen or lots of noise behind you. This will assist in you staying part of the conversation and improving your quality of life overall.

To get the best quality of life that is available to you take the opportunity to understand more about your hearing loss right now by calling us and exploring the start of your journey to revived hearing.

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