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What is the best hearing aid on the market?

What is the best hearing aid on the market?

Date: 24th February 2021 | By: Les Cavilla

We wanted to address a couple of questions we receive from people enquiring about the ‘right’ hearing care.  As an Independent hearing care professional, Les (our Director and clinical lead Audiologist) can select hearing devices from any of the manufacturers available and he ALWAYS selects the solution that suits the client and their lifestyle.

We go into this in detail with our clients but in a nutshell for the purposes of this news update, there is no best hearing aid on the market.

There are plenty of options but the best hearing aid for YOU will be very different to somebody else, as no two ears are the same.

In order to get the best hearing aid for you and your lifestyle, you will need professional and educated advice from a hearing care professional. If you find the right professional, they will want to understand your lifestyle and hearing needs first and foremost.  Les, here at Swindon Hearing Specialists will not try and sell you anything or push a certain type of technology on to you, the solution and choice is collaborative and informed.

The best hearing aid for you, is one that gives you the best hearing for your lifestyle and is within your budget so that your expectations are met and you can live freely.

There are lots of different manufacturers that your technology could be supplied by, here are a few of them:




GN Resound




Each manufacturer has a unique sound quality and a different way of approaching a hearing solution.  The solution that is right for you will be based around your lifestyle, budget and audiological prescription.

When considering your hearing solution, important things to remember are how much you can afford, how many social situations you are in, what you would like to hear better at home and what ideally you would like to be able to hear more clearly overall. Each hearing aid offers different listening support in various areas so it is important that you seek professional help to advise you on the best hearing aid available for you.  Les is an absolute expert at this so don’t feel you need all of the facts before coming in to see him. He will explain everything for you.

Explore all of your options and make sure that your day-to-day life will be improved by better hearing before deciding on a specific hearing device.

If you would like some impartial, independent advice from Les, please get in touch