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Did you know that getting a hearing aid can actually slow down hearing loss?

Did you know that getting a hearing aid can actually slow down hearing loss?

Date: 23rd March 2021 | By: Les Cavilla

We understand that hearing care can be confusing so here at Swindon Hearing Specialists, we make it our mission to give you absolute clarity on how to hear better today. We have spoken with our clinical lead Audiologist Les Cavilla and he told us three things you will wish you had known about your hearing, sooner.


Did you know you can slow down changes to your hearing by wearing hearing aids, if you have a hearing loss?

Taking action to correct your hearing as soon as you can will make a big difference to the hearing care you might need later in life. Over time you may have noticed your hearing has deteriorated, that you are putting subtitles on the television or saying pardon more often than you used to.


Taking action with your hearing as soon as you realise it is affecting your life can mean that if you do choose to have hearing aids, they can be smaller and more discreet. The longer you leave it, your hearing loss may get worse which may mean you need slightly larger hearing aids in order to support your hearing needs.


By choosing a suitable hearing aid and training your brain to listen again, with two good hearing inputs (both ears), you can slow the degeneration of your remaining hearing and improve your quality of life at the same time.


Did you know hearing aids can be tiny and even invisible?

Gone are the days when hearing aids were huge and ugly. We still have larger behind the ear hearing aids that are suitable for hearing losses that require more amplification and power but many of today’s digital, latest technology hearing aids can be very small.

In fact, thousands of people you come into contact with will be wearing these but you will have no idea. The technology within these systems is now extremely advanced and sophisticated so that you can get on with your daily life and not have to think about saying pardon or being left out of the conversation.


Did you know not all hearing losses are the same?

We all hear very differently and no two ears are the same. If your friend has some hearing aids and recommends them it may not be the case that the same hearing aids are then suitable for you.


At Swindon Hearing Specialists, we match the hearing technology to your hearing test results, then to your lifestyle and also to your activity levels. There is so much to take into account in order to get you hearing in the way you would like to. No two ears are the same and for that reason the services that we provide are completely tailored to you and your lifestyle. We will talk to you in detail about the environments that you are in on a daily basis and the conversations you are having with friends, colleagues and loved ones so that we give you our best advice.


We provide hearing solutions not just hearing aids and this means that getting you to hear well on the phone, hear the radio, hear the television and importantly to hear every day conversation remains our focus.


If you have noticed that you are feeling a blocked up or you have started to say pardon more often then you used to, please get in touch and we can advise you on the best way to move forward and improve your quality of life #hearing #hearingtest