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Things you need to know when you are buying a hearing aid on your own

Things you need to know when you are buying a hearing aid on your own

Date: 26th April 2021 | By: Les Cavilla

When you start your hearing journey it is important that you understand what sounds you would like to be able to hear better.

What would hearing better mean for your lifestyle and how would it affect the way you feel about everyday life?

If you are starting your hearing care journey on your own, it can be a little daunting as there is a lot of information available to you and it can be hard to know where to start. None of us like to make mistakes especially costly ones, so Les and the team at Swindon Hearing Specialists are taking this time to try and make things easier for you to decipher.

Everyone’s hearing and their ears, are completely different so it is important that you choose a hearing care provider and hearing technology that suits you there is not a one size fits all approach to modern day hearing care.

The first thing you need to know is that who you choose to provide your hearing care is very important. It is essential that you know, like and trust this person and that they prioritise your everyday needs first and foremost. In order to hear better it is about far more than just the hearing technology on your ears.

It may surprise you to know that not all hearing care providers are the same. There are various levels of qualifications held by professionals and it is important that you check if they are registered with the HCPC and that they are qualified to carry out your hearing care solutions. Les, your Director and clinical lead Audiologist, is fully qualified and HCPC registered so you do not need to worry about a thing and you can visit us in total confidence.

Once you have chosen your hearing care professional and made sure that they can provide you with the care that you need and deserve, you need to have some understanding of what sounds you would like to hear better.

This can be as simple as writing things down throughout the day that you know are making a noise but that you are struggling to hear, for example speech on the phone may be difficult for you or speech through the television so you may wish to keep a log of these ready for your hearing care appointment. This will save time and help your Audiologist understand more about what will improve your quality of life.


You should never make a decision on hearing care purely on the technology, it is about far more than just that and great hearing technology is completely useless to you if it is not fitted and fine tuned correctly to suit your lifestyle. This is why sometimes paying more for your hearing care can get far better results and you may have come across people in the past who have had hearing care from the public sector and they are dissatisfied. This can be because the technology was free and because of the pressure on public services they may not have been fitted to the correct prescription you have today as your hearing has changed over time. This is one of the main benefits of private hearing care as the Audiologist you will see will often be the same one every time and also, they can dedicate much more time to understanding you, your lifestyle and your hearing in general. Great hearing care is an ongoing process and something that you should focus on for the rest of your life in order to be able to live to full capacity and enjoy every moment spent with others.

You also need to have a think about your budget and you should always buy the best hearing technology that you can afford. Setting a budget that is too low will probably result in poor expectation management and you will be disappointed with your hearing care. Being realistic about your budget and managing your expectations are key to the success of hearing well longer term. It is vital that you view your hearing care as an investment in your health and your future rather than a one off purchase or a commodity.

Choosing your hearing care professional, your budget and understanding your hearing care needs are key factors in selecting the best hearing care solution that is available to you. If you are selecting hearing care on your own there are many professionals such as at us at Swindon Hearing Specialists, that will advise you from an unbiased standpoint, as we are independent and can choose from any manufacturer of hearing care technology we like. You should never be sold a hearing aid or coaxed into making a decision based on purely technology. Make sure that your lifestyle and your needs are the focus of your entire hearing care appointment. You also need to make sure that there is a suitable aftercare pathway in place where you have six-month hearing reviews. These are often not offered by high street stores now but you need to make sure that continuous hearing care is offered to you, to ensure you get the most value out of the money that you have chosen to invest.


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