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Our top tips for getting the most out of your hearing aids, every day

Our top tips for getting the most out of your hearing aids, every day

Date: 20th May 2021 | By: Les Cavilla

We love speaking with our patients about the little tips and tricks they create to make the most of their hearing and their hearing aids, whilst getting on with their daily life.

When we fit a hearing aid, we advise our patients on how to care for the hearing aid and keep it working for longer but some of the real life patient feedback has been invaluable for our other patients and their success on their road to better hearing.

We thought it would be beneficial to share these tips as they can make hearing well, really simple and allow you to just live your life as you wish.


Create a routine

We have found that this helps people get into the habit of caring for hearing aids.  If you have never had them before, it is an addition to your morning routine so easing it in to your daily pattern doesn’t have to be hard work. For example, when you are dressed and ready you can have a drying box or a pouch (Les here at Swindon Hearing Specialists will explain these at your appointment), on your dressing table with your hearing aids in. Once you have checked that they are working and that the battery will last you for the day (or the charge if they are rechargeable, available from us), you can then put your hearing aids in when you are ready.

Some people like to put their hearing aids in the second they get up so when they go down for their breakfast they can hear well and everything is effortless, you just need to be mindful that if you remove any items of clothing or go in the shower your hearing aids need to be taken out until you are ready and dressed again.

In the daytime if you go out, make sure you have a pouch or case handy for removing the hearing aids if this is needed. In the evening just build a small routine so that you know your hearing aids are safe, dry and ready for you for the next day.


Tell others

It is wise to tell others that you sometimes struggle to hear or that you now have hearing aids. This allows people to easily adapt and face you more often when speaking and prioritise you in busy environments and consider seating positions. By this we mean, if you go to her restaurant or noisy environment it can be helpful to sit with your back to a wall so that the speech in front of you is not drowned out by background noise. It can also be wise to think about not being near the kitchen in a restaurant so that you are not distracted and can stay part of the conversation.


Lower background noise where possible

There are lots of environments where background noise is loud but, on some occasions, you can reduce it to hear conversation better. For example, if you are at home and the television is loud, you can turn it down when you need to hear speech from somebody in the same room or even another room in your house.

Sometimes when you are in the car, because of the focus on road and engine noise in front of you, you can find yourself turning the radio up and down when somebody next to you speaks. If you have latest technology hearing aids from us here, it is likely we will have discussed a feature on them that helps hearing in the car that gets rid of the need to keep turning the radio up and down. This is because the hearing aids are highly intelligent and can focus on speech from different directions. There are lots of features on our latest digital technology that will interest you and make your daily life so much easier so please get in touch to ask us more about these.


Keep them dry

Your hearing aids live in a hostile environment in your ears every day, so it is important that they are dried out as they are electrical devices. All you need is a drying box or to wipe them over with a tissue, just to make sure that the components are kept dry so that you can hear well at all times.


If you use batteries they are coded by colour and number

If your hearing aid takes batteries, these are easily defined by colour and number. If you need extra supplies of batteries, please give us a call and we can supply you with these but they are very simple to order. Most of our patients ring us up and ask for them by colour, ‘the yellow ones’ (for example).


Keep cleaning essentials near 

Like most other things hearing aids do need looking after so if you are going on holiday or taking a trip somewhere, it is important to remember your cleaning kit and extra batteries or your charger. This just allows your everyday life to run smoothly so that you have no trouble with staying part of the conversation and hearing the end of the joke!


Hearing aids can easily slip into your normal daily life but benefit your lifestyle hugely through delivering excellent quality of life and allow you to stay connected to the rest of the world with ease.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about your hearing or the hearing of a friend or loved one, please get in touch HERE