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Staying active and hearing well with Swindon Hearing Specialists

Staying active and hearing well with Swindon Hearing Specialists

Date: 16th June 2021 | By: Les Cavilla

We often get asked if you should take your hearing aids out when you are playing sport.

Hearing aids today, are designed to be very resilient but they are still devices that you need to be careful with and look after.  You can absolutely wear hearing aids whilst being active or playing most sports but you also need to remember to take care of them.


There are some great reasons to wear hearing aids during sport.

If you’re playing a team sport or doing something where you need to hear conversation whilst you play, hearing aids can be an integral part of instruction and delegation.

Hearing your team mates or other people over background noise can be really important so hearing aids can play a key part in the success of your activity.

Instruction is often given outdoors against wind noise or against background noise and hearing aids these days, are designed to cope well with this but you can ask Les, here at Swindon Hearing Specialists more about the options available to you depending on the type of sport you play or activity you do.


If you do a sport where you like to listen to music, for example, you might like to use the rowing machine in the gym on your own or simply run on a treadmill or outside. The latest hearing technology available from us, is designed to allow you to hear through your hearing aids but also to listen to music and connect with your devices (perhaps via your mobile phone) when you wish to.


General safety in sport is obviously very important and good hearing is key to this for awareness and all round general wellbeing.


We mentioned wind noise during activities.  These can be outdoors such as golf and cycling where wind buffeting can be an issue with older style hearing aids but the modern technology is fabulous at offering a suitable solution to deal with wind noise and make it comfortable for you.


As we have stated before on our news updates here, we cannot give you new ears or the hearing back that you had years ago BUT we can make life changing steps towards making the most of the residual hearing you have so that you can get on with and thoroughly enjoy every day of your life as you wish to.

You may also be concerned about sweat or debris getting into your hearing aids during activities and we have plenty of options to support you here too. It’s key to look after your devices if you wear hearing aids but there are some simple things that we can show you to avoid the devices deteriorating over time.  This can be just by simply keeping them dry and having a small routine before and after your sport.

Don’t think of sport as playing football or basketball where you are sweating and also always involved with others.

By this we could also mean a brisk walk around the block with a partner or a friend or just walking the dog. In the UK we also have to take into account the weather! So, keeping your hearing aid dry in general is a good thing to do so if you are worried about your hearing aids or what to do when you get them wet, we would love to help you and advise on how you can make every day hearing, really easy.

We stock something called a dry box here at Swindon Hearing Specialists and these can be excellent for putting your hearing aids in before and after sport to allow some of the moisture to be absorbed.


We have so much information that we can share with you to help you make every day so much easier, so please don’t sit there worrying about the care of your hearing or your hearing aids, get in touch with Les and the team today CONTACT US HERE