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What colour hearing aid should you get and why?

What colour hearing aid should you get and why?

Date: 9th August 2021 | By: Les Cavilla


When we think of hearing aids, everyone has a different image in their head of what they look like and what they do. This is usually dependent on exposure to hearing aids in the past. For example, if you have a friend that had one from the NHS and it was very visible and they only had one. Generally, if you know somebody who has had private hearing aids you will understand a little bit more about the options available to you.


Modern technology for our ears can offer a whole new world of life changing hearing experiences. New digital hearing aids can allow us to hear at our best and maximise our lifestyles whilst also helping us to feel less fatigued, as we are not trying so hard to hear in an environment.


If your vision of a hearing aid is a big plastic device that sits behind your ear with a big ear mould, you may not understand that these hearing aids are generally for more severe to profound hearing losses or they are the older type that were previously given away free for one ear only on the NHS.


Here at Swindon Hearing Specialists, we have realised that you only see the hearing aids that are visible (sounds wrong we know…)! The older ones that go behind your ear and the larger ones, can sometimes be seen so you recognise that someone is wearing a hearing aid. The new modern ones and if you have a mild to moderate hearing loss, can often be extremely discreet or invisible. This means that thousands of people you come into contact with, every single day are wearing hearing aids but you will have no clue that they have them on/in!


One of the benefits of modern technology is having the ability to match your hair or skin tone with the colour of the hearing aid itself. This makes wearing a hearing aid more interesting for the user because it is more personalised.  Some people are conscious of wearing a hearing aid and some people are proud to wear them as it stops them saying pardon, they can hear the television clearly, they can hear on the phone, they can hear music and just get on with their daily lives speaking at a normal level to those around them.


We have lots of different sizes and shapes of hearing aids and many of our models are custom-made specifically for your ear so you get a full tailored hearing experience from start to finish. Add in our after-care and overall expertise and you have a wonderful hearing journey ready for you so you are set to have a much easier, better hearing life.


If you would like to speak to us about some of your hearing options and even the colours that we have available in the hearing aids that might suit you, please book in for your hearing test or give our friendly team a call Find out more here