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Improve your Hearing and maintain Healthy Ears

Improve your Hearing and maintain Healthy Ears

Date: 9th March 2022 | By: Les Cavilla

While hearing aids help you hear and prevent further damage to your hearing loss, it isn’t the only form of preventative care. It’s still important for you to focus on other ways to improve your hearing and maintain healthy ears.

Hearing Aids Can Help

Hearing aids are small devices you wear in or around your ear to help you hear better by capturing sounds, amplifying sounds, reducing background noise, and more.

They prevent you from straining your ears or turn up the volume on electronic devices to hear. This strain or exposure to loud noises can make your hearing difficulties worse. If your specialist has recommended you wear hearing aids, it’s best to use them.

Understanding Conductive Hearing Difficulties

Hearing aids are commonly useful for sensorineural hearing conditions resulting from damage to your inner ear. However, sometimes you may have hearing difficulties due to obstructions in your outer or middle ear preventing sound from entering your ear. This situation is called conductive hearing loss.

With conductive conditions, even a hearing aid can’t provide you with the solution you need. Instead, you will have to treat the condition depending on how it is caused. Common causes are:

  • Ear wax build-up
  • Allergy irritations
  • Ear inflammation or infections
  • Foreign objects in your ears

Focus on Improved Hearing Not Just Hearing Aids

By focusing on your ear’s health and other ways to improve your hearing besides hearing aids, you can prevent conductive hearing difficulty symptoms from disrupting your life. Ways to maintain healthy hearing and prevent conductive conditions include:

  • Get ear checks regularly
  • Have ear wax removal services as needed
  • Manage your allergy symptoms
  • Dry your ears thoroughly, especially after swimming or showering, to prevent swimmer’s ears and other infections

Other Ways to Improve Hearing

Other common ways to support your hearing health include:

  • Review medications you take to see if they have any side effects that can impact hearing.
  • Stop smoking since research shows it is tied to a higher risk of hearing difficulties.
  • Avoid putting objects in your ear, including cotton buds.
  • Consume ginger as it can relieve pressure levels in your ears.
  • Exercise regularly to improve blood flow to your ears and support the inner ear hair cells.
  • Avoid frequent exposure to loud sounds.

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