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4 Questions You Should Ask When Getting Hearing Aids

4 Questions You Should Ask When Getting Hearing Aids

Date: 20th October 2022 | By: Les Cavilla

Are you due for a hearing test that might show that you would benefit from purchasing hearing aids? If so, prepare for your audiologist visit with these four questions to ask when getting hearing aids.

1. What Type of Hearing Loss Do I Have?

Since your audiologist (Like Les, here in Swindon), will use advanced technology to test your hearing and print the results on an audiogram, ask them to review it. Ask them to clarify the following issues:

  1. What type of hearing loss do I have? (Sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, and mixed hearing loss.)
  2. How severe is my hearing loss? (View a hearing loss severity chart here.)

2. Which Hearing Aid is Best?

Since every hearing loss diagnosis is unique, ask your audiologist about the best possible device for your case. Explain your lifestyle, such as what you do for work and fun.

Perhaps your audiologist will recommend a state-of-the-art hearing device with wireless functionality; this is likely if you’re active. Alternatively, your audiologist might suggest a more durable water-resistant device for young children.

3. How Can I Adapt to My Hearing Aid?

After selecting your preferred hearing aid, ask the audiologist to help fit them correctly – we are experts at this here at Swindon & Marlborough Hearing Specialists. You will need time to adapt to the new devices. At first, you might hear strange-sounding sounds. Your own voice might sound different. The device may feel odd, but be patient! This is normal; most likely, everything will be fine in a while.

Ask your audiologist to explain how to operate the device correctly and learn how to use the features. Before long, you’ll enjoy using your hearing aids and not want to be without them.

4. How Long Will I Use My Hearing Aid?

Ask your audiologist to estimate how long you can use your hearing aid. The devices lifespan usually depends on the following factors:

  • Your lifestyle and hearing loss-type
  • Usage
  • Device model
  • How well you care for them

Certainly, your audiologist can offer tips and advice on maintaining your device and increasing its longevity.  You can ask us any question you like about your hearing!

Final Thoughts

Don’t just pick any hearing devices along the way! Ask your audiologist the right questions and reap the benefits of using your hearing aids.

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